Can you brand a name as per my requirements?

Yes, we can brand a name as per your own requirements, if you need us to brand your own name, please let us know your detailed demands and we will customize it as per your demands.

How will you send the whole car wash machine to us?

As the whole car wash machine is large, we need to pack the small components in wooden case and for those large parts and frames, we need to put them in a container and send all them to you by sea. Pl

What about the after sales and spares?

Before we send the car wash machine to you, we will prepare more wearable components along with this machine and send them to you, if there is something wrong or you need to replace some small compone

If there is heavy mud on car how does it come off without some sort of rubbing ?

Our car wash machine is equipped with high pressure nozzles, which can clean the mud on the chassis and the surface of your car without any touch, as our “L” shape arm will spray the waters under high

How long time can your car wash machine wash a car? Or how many cars can your machine wash within one hour?

Normally, our car wash machine can wash a car within 160 seconds, but the time may vary little based on different models.

If I buy your car wash machine, do you supply the installation, please?

Normally, for the installation, we have two options for our customers:(1). We can install the car wash machine for our customers at customers’ location, but customers need to pay for the round-trip ti

What is the warranty for your car wash machines, please?

Normally, our car wash machine has the warranty of 1 year, and we will also prepare many wearable components to you before we send our machine to you, if there is something wrong with our car wash mac

Which car wash suit for me?

Shuifu provide 3 types of car wash euqipment.TypeWash capacity(wash cars per day)Minimum Installation dimensions(mm)Touchfree car wash150+7500×3350×3300Tunnel car wash200+11000×5000×4000Rollover car w

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